Coach Courtney De Leon is Co-Owner at Of The Lion Fitness (OTL Fitness) in Austin, Texas. There she is Director of Corporate Wellness and Boot Camps. Unlike many in the industry, Courtney did not see her future intersecting with fitness the way it has. As a naturally quiet and reserved person, she has built herself and those around her on the foundation of action over talk, but through years of coaching has developed the voice needed to be a great leader as well. You can find Courtney under a heavy barbell squatting or behind a barbell deadlifting and for some reason she loves a great AirFit or Erg workout. Rarely, however, will you find her on a long run unless something is chasing her. But when there's a chance, she'll take just about anyone up on a good foot race of 100M or less.   In all seriousness, Coach Courtney is an amazing leader and person. She wants to see you succeed and even when you don't believe in yourself she always will. She has helped many "average" people live above average lives by changing the way they eat and train. Her passion for living a better life is contagious and her love for others is impregnable.

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