Kevin is the Owner and Co-Founder of HIT Fitness Warehouse. Kevin's athletic career as a multi-sport athlete instilled a very disciplined training philosophy that transcends into his facility at HIT Fitness Warehouse. He was first introduced to fitness in 6th grade by his older brother who was a collegiate wrestler. The discipline and commitment that his brother showed toward his athletic goals intrigued Kevin. Watching in excitement, his brothers transformation as an athlete made him realize at that moment that fitness was going to play a huge role in his life. Kevin believes that drive, grit and ability to endure in the gym transcends beyond the gym walls and into everyday life. This transferability is what prepared him for the collegiate football and wrestling season's, earning him Honors as an athlete but also as an All-American Scholar Athlete with a double Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Physical Education. But his proudest moment came when he opened the doors, along side his wife and co-founder, to HIT Fitness Warehouse, which has become one of South Florida's leading performance and fitness training facilities. At HIT Fitness Warehouse, the philosophy is instilled in all members that you must Push Your Performance Beyond Limits, both physically and mentally to achieve your true fitness and performance goals. Seeking to expand HIT Fitness Warehouse, his longtime Friend and Mentor, Coach Joe Riggio, introduced him to Gym Jones in the summer of 2015. Kevin's journey to the land of the "unknown" at Gym Jones opened up a new Ideology of training and application helping everyone at HIT Fitness Warehouse reach new levels of fitness. Kevin understands that everyone has their own form of motivation, but competitive individuals in nature all share the same 'finest hour' and knowing you have helped others reach their destination is the driving force behind every decision that Kevin makes, because after all he believes that it all comes to down to mastering the "sport of life!"

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