Nate is the General Manager and Training Director of Roark Gyms San Francisco. His passion for fitness started at an early age while competing in team sports. His competitive drive resulted in accomplishments including leading his high school soccer team to a national championship. Nate moved on to study Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, but also self-studied movement patterns, mobility exercises, and correcting imbalances through strength training to better himself. After college he was hired as Engineering Manager at a tech company in Ventura, CA and continued his training after hours. It was in Ventura that Nate was introduced to Gym Jones by Eddie Raburn, fully certified Gym Jones instructor and owner of Cal Coast Strength and Conditioning. Nate was immediately drawn to the programming style and philosophy of Gym Jones for two main reasons, the only limitations are those you put on yourself, and weaknesses can be corrected in everyone. After several years of training at Cal Coast SC and correcting deficiencies in his own body, Nate decided to immerse himself in the Gym Jones project so he could help others achieve their full potential. Roark SF offers one-on-one and group training with separate men’s and women’s specific programming, rowing performance, and remote online programming.

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