Ryan Harman started in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer while living in Calgary, Alberta when he was following his passion becoming a professional Wrestler in a WWF/WCW wrestling from 1998-2003. Which brought him to appear on Monday Night Raw as infamous, Slade. As a wrestler he became the super hero or the bad guy it was the physicality of the sport that drove him to be bigger and stronger when creating a character. This laid the foundation that drove him to always seek to be more than average and strive to push myself beyond boundaries. In 2001 Ryan's fitness career brought him back to Toronto, Ontario as a manager and personal trainer at Extreme Fitness. He started following Crossfit and got his fitness education in level 1 CF cert, KB cert, Gymnastic, Olympic Lifting and Nutrition. Gym jones came into his life when he was seeking something different then the main stream body building routines. In 2006 when the movie 300 came out he sought out this form of fitness of "the mind is primary" and knew it was made for him. He followed Gym Jones and motivated himself to set the bar by trying to beat the times and weights lifted by Bobby Maximus to push himself and his clients to be and think differently of what they want from this life. In 2015, while being an extra on the movie of Suicide Squad he had the privilege of meeting Pieter Vodden who was the Gym Jones certified trainer for the cast and crew. Peter introduced him to Bobby Maximus and that September he flew to Utah and started his journey in the foundations course at Gym Jones and a whole new world was opened to him as he became apart of the family.

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