Carolyn Parker is, to many; an instructor, coach, friend, mentor, athlete, and someone to depend on. She has a 25+ year career in numerous sports, she “might” be referred to as a climber; with 23 years of experience in all disciplines from rock, ice, alpine climbing, and ski mountaineering, and 18 years professional guiding experience; she is however not merely a climber. Her deep and diverse experience base comes from high level participation in many sports: including road and mountain bike racing, trail running, alpine and backcountry skiing a long practice of yoga and most recently surfing. As much as she is a spirit of the mountain environment she has an infectious desire to wield “the tools” existing in a unique gym setting to continue to excel and help others to achieve their goals. Carolyn holds degrees from CNM and UNM circa 1989, 1993, her knowledge base most specifically comes from her personal commitment to learning, practicing, seeking to be better and a life long desire to “not suck”. In 1990, she started her first entrepreneurial endeavor, a women’s specific mountain bike clinic series and in 1993 obtained her first trainer certification. She began her professional climbing and guiding career in 1994, and is now a fully Certified AMGA Rock Guide. As her life came full circle, she came out of her full time mountain life in 2002 and as she scaled back her climbing and guiding ambitions she set her sights on building a business that reflected her passion for teaching, health, knowledge, community and athletic performance; she founded "AthenaFit Training" (which has now evolved into "Ripple Effect Training"). In that same year, she established her women’s climbing clinic series “Climb like a Girl”. Now with another decade under her belt, she has trained numerous athletes, ultra endurance runners, cyclists, multi-sport competitors, climbers, marathon runners, ski racers, and the general population in all aspects of fitness and health. Carolyn has been with Gym Jones since the beginning, when it wasn’t much more than a room in the back of a warehouse with a box, some weights, a "bachar" ladder and a tiny climbing wall. Carolyn is characterized by many as deeply motivated, bordering on obsessed, in her pursuit of knowledge and practical skill that combined with her tremendous respect for Lisa, their level of knowledge, commitment and high standards in everything they do, brought Carolyn to pursue the Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor position. Along the way she had the honor of training with not only Lisa and the BJJ crew; but most recently learning from and establishing a friendship with Bobby Maximus another individual she has tremendous respect for and feels is an invaluable member of the Gym Jones team. She is honored to be considered a satellite of the gym. Gym Jones is the one place she feels can go to gain skill, knowledge, professional inspiration, and be guaranteed that her peers will never stop learning and growing. Carolyn’s facility is a private gym in Carbondale CO. It is here her passion comes to light, with her diverse background Carolyn trains individuals with interests in endurance based sports, power and strength based sports, climbing specific coaching and those just desiring general fitness. Training often occurs in 1:1 or small group settings however, in addition to her local athletes, Carolyn consults with many regional athletes creating training “camps” for the visiting athlete to gain the practical knowledge necessary to follow their specialized training programs she develops with them.

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