Coach Sanne is co-owner at Breda Strength & Conditioning in Breda, a city in the southern part of The Netherlands and the first female fully certified Gym Jones instructor in Europe. Besides leading the day to day business, she is head of the Women’s department at BredaSC, Strong Women. Sanne is a specialist in women’s training, coaching and nutrition and is currently expending her knowledge to become a certified pre and post natal coach. She believes everybody, but especially women are capable of so much more than they think. Physically, mentally and emotionally. At BredaSC she creates an environment where women can reach their full potential. Where women lift each other up and motivate and help each other. Where they will grow further than they would have imagined. And that transfers to the women’s lives outside the gym into their personal lives. Sanne’s enthusiasm is addictive and combined with her eye for perfection (Sanne is also known as the “form police”) she helps her members and clients achieve their goals as fast and solid as possible. Though she’s patient and caring, she is demanding and can be tough when needed, but only so you can reach your full potential.

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