Mark Murray is currently a strategy and management consultant to the Department of Defense, strength & conditioning practitioner, former U.S. Army officer, and US Army Certified Master Fitness Trainer. He also serves as Program Director of strength and conditioning for Scorer's Edge Hockey, an elite player development company.  Mark first learned of Gym Jones in 2006 while on a military deployment to Iraq and was immediately drawn in by the writings of Gym Jones The philosophy and training methods he learned through the website quickly became part of his lifestyle as well as his unit's physical training planning for increased physical preparedness and greater combat efficiency. Mark later attended the Gym Jones Level 1-3 seminars and interned under the watchful eye of Training Director and General Manager Bobby Maximus. Currently, he is the only Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor located in Northern Virginia and the greater National Capitol Region. While serving in the Army from 2003-2008, Mark achieved the rank of Captain and was responsible for leading company-sized Infantry units during peacetime and active ground combat. He is a graduate of many Army schools including Airborne & RANGER training and holds awards including the Bronze Star (multiple), Army Commendation with Valor device, Valorous Unit Award (multiple, 26th Infantry), Presidential Unit Citation (26th Infantry), and the Order of Saint Maurice. Since 2009, Mark has worked in a consulting capacity for private company with the Department of Defense. He holds degrees from the United States Military Academy at West Point (BS, 2003) and The George Washington University (MA, 2011) among other professional certifications. Mark has been a lifelong athlete (hockey, Army Rugby, IRONMAN, etc) and is an avid outdoor enthusiast (alpine, rock, ice climbing).

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