Determination and attitude are core values at Gym Jones – just as they are for the towering Australian, Jacob ‘Big Red’ Graham. A gifted Australian Rules Football player, Big Red has weathered success and defeat both on and off the field. He has played in multiple premiership winning sides and in 2011 was awarded the sport’s highest club honour (Most Valuable Player), which he dedicated to his late father, Paul. His obsession with sport has taken him to remote parts of the world and each adventure took him one step closer to shifting strength and conditioning from a past time to career. Big Red is now a fully certified Master Trainer and Programming Manager at Chocolate Box Training, a gym on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, famously known for its no limits approach to health and fitness. It was here that he was first introduced to Gym Jones – a place where unbelievable suffering and support maliciously coexist. In just over 12 months, Big Red travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah four times to complete the Level 1 Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced and Internship. It was an intense period that came with significant personal sacrifice and growth. At Gym Jones, Big Red learnt the power of leading from the front, being relentless in your pursuits and how to earn respect of the people around you. These are the lessons he shares with the 500 plus members of Chocolate Box Training each day. Never give up. Never drop your head. The mind is primary. A man of few words, Big Red’s training approach is simple: “Don’t expect anyone to do something you’re not willing to do”.

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