I am extremely passionate about my work & pride myself on my client’s results & lifestyle transformations. I encourage a holistic approach in my work so that people who join our programs will build enhanced knowledge in all areas of theirs lives, including nutrition, exercise & lifestyle management. Studying at Southampton university studying Sports and Exercise Science and a BA in Sport Management I combined this with qualifying to be in the Personal Training Business, Being in the Gym Jones Community, to say its changed my life is an understatement. both mentally and physically and opened me up into a whole new world of training that I cannot get enough of. My mental and physical state now I had no idea how much potential the human body is capable of just through the philosophy of making the mind primary, i strive every day in my gym to better myself as a person and love portraying the Gym Jones image to my everyday clients, the whole aspect of the social community I love, supporting growth and wellbeing and giving them a ‘purpose’ to train for me is so important, they aren’t just turning up to train everyone needs a goal in which to strive towards making them better in the gym as well as everyday life. I've been in the Gym industry around 8 years now constantly working on self investment covering a range of course TRX level 2 BLOC, British Weightlifting, crossfit level 1 and now Gym Jones Fully Certified, I have a never say die attitude and can’t get enough of the brutality of sessions and how it is adaptable for everyone and gives me a target every session to aim for, I look in the mirror and that’s the only person In my way, Hard work is rewarded and there is no place to hide, I want to educate, influence guide and teach other like minded individuals to better themselves.I will never let myself fall away from the standards I have achieved I will constantly work hard everyday to surpass the standards and maintain them in the highest order to practice what I preach alongside my fellow Piers. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies solely in a person’s determination. Now I start my journey with 2 other Fully Certified Instructors in Lloyd Stazkiewicz and Peter Powell we are opening The Ministry Gym teaching the Gym Jones ethos and running seminars making our community even bigger and better.

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