Scott grew up in a typical Australian family, where sport provided the ideal escape from the daily grind. A skilled country footballer and cricketer, Scott enjoyed the team environment and competition these sports provided until his early 20s, when injury became too difficult to avoid. And so he looked to other ways to challenge his competitive streak and found a home away from home in the more controlled gym environment. Fast forward to 2010 and Scott was well on the way to becoming a personal trainer. After establishing his own industrial style gym Tough Fit in Mount Gambier in 2012, Scott kicked off his Gym Jones journey at the very first Australian seminar in Perth in 2014. From here, he applied the lessons learnt and worked diligently towards certification, which was awarded following the 2016 Advanced Seminar in Salt Lake City. With his understated and often reserved nature, Scott’s true strength lies in his ability to lead by example. He extracts excellence from those under his instruction, guiding them carefully and patiently past mental and physical barriers, fostering self-belief and setting the stage for future success. His client list includes people from all walks of life - company executives, business owners, stay at home parents and tradespeople, all of whom value his expertise, tough but fair approach and understanding of the mind’s pivotal role in physical triumph. Becoming a fully certified Gym Jones instructor has been a dream come true for Scott and he now wears his shirt with pride. It is almost as good as being part of the four-member SkiErg relay team which brought down team Maximus for the first ever time in history. To say this was a proud day would be a gross understatement!

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