For a number of years, Myffy’s focus was on professional sports, more specifically road cycling. Myffy competed domestically and professionally on the international circuit from 2009 until the end of the 2012. She is now one of the proud co-owners and business manager of Functional Fitness Australia, a brand of training facilities that is dedicated to improving each individual’s relationship with their body and how it moves to enable them to enrich their lives outside of the gym. It was in trying to find meaning to her training post her professional sporting career that Myffy discovered Gym Jones. The Gym Jones philosophy helped to give Myffy a purpose to each training session that didn’t involve a specific competitive outcome but still satisfied her need to challenge herself physically. It was through this process that Myffy learned that rigorous physical training served as an ideal tool to use to help strengthen the mind and prepare it to thrive in the world outside of the gym. Pain is pain, and understanding this is power. Training sessions became all about seeing how much she could push herself and learn and grow each session as a result. Myffy’s approach to training and drive to consistently challenge herself and has since seen her go on to compete in a number of athletic pursuits, more recently the 2017 Australian Weightlifting Nationals. Myffy’s goal is to inspire good health, resilience and a thirst for life in her community. The gym and the philosophy underpinning Gym Jones has become her vehicle to achieve this.

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