Andrew McConnell began developing his passion for fitness when he and his father hit the gym at 5am during his senior year of high school. The year prior, Andrew was involved in a car accident, sending him to the ICU with a serious head injury. This lead to months of recovery and abruptly ended any goals of continuing to play football. Andrew lettered as a junior on his championship high school team and planned to play in college. “Training” became an outlet which was cultivated after every early morning session; a necessity so Andrew could get to high school class and his dad could catch the train to New York. The following year, he attended The College of New Jersey and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During all four years, his interest in fitness continued to grow. During his freshman year, he was fortunate to become very good friends with two gentlemen (that later became team captain & club president) who started playing rugby and got him to come along for a practice. It didn’t take long for him to become a leader of the team, excelling for four years and earning all New Jersey rugby honors in the spring of 2008. After graduating, Andrew was hired as a property manager in Manhattan, New York for a company he had interned for the summer prior. Six months into a 9-5 routine and wearing a suit to work everyday, he realized that was not the life for him. With his mother’s guidance, he decided to follow his passion and committed to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Over the next four years, Andrew absorbed, learned, trained and experienced positions from private schools/gyms, Globo gyms to training professional athletes during the 2011 NFL lockout. Then he crossed paths with Paul Timmons who introduced him to a project called “Gym Jones.” He investigated more and realized this was something that fell parallel with his own values and beliefs. To get through tough times, it began with a mindset and an attitude. This was much more than just a training modality. Andrew’s first trip to SLC, Utah was in November 2013 for a fundamentals seminar; that’s where his vision became so much clearer. The group energy of like-minded individuals was the best he had ever experienced. The education, both in learning and performing, was second to none. Hearing Bobby Maximus explain the “standards” in order to be part of this family for the first time, sparked a fire in Andrew to be one of the best pound for pound members. The goal of becoming fully certified was born. Over the next two years, Andrew trained harder and smarter than ever before. He had never been the biggest, tallest or most talented guy, but he always relished in hard work. He attended both the intermediate and advanced seminars, more impressed with the people involved in the community every time. When it came to effort, he recognized early you had to give everything to get something back. To reach the goal of being among the best, he committed himself to applying the Gym Jones philosophies and training methods. To continually grow and become a better representation of himself became daily motivation with a priority of leading from the front. In Andrew’s words, “Gym Jones has allowed me to become more than I ever thought possible as a fitness professional.. Because of that, I feel a responsibility to push others to be the best version of themselves while showing them their self-imposed limits are often just an illusion. I’m extremely passionate about coaching and seeing others succeed by conquering their own fears. With each victory over artificial challenges in the gym, I know it follows them for whatever real obstacles arise outside of it.” Andrew is based in southern Delaware, and is a trainer at Bethany Fitness.

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