Peter is based in Basingstoke, England. Providing personal one to one coaching to Professional and Amateur Golf Athletes and those others who believe they are to old to change their ways. Why? After 22 years working at the highest level within Golf Sports Marketing at Nike Golf and TaylorMade adidas along side the games Elite Athletes Peter made a decision that would change his life. Tired of a lifestyle dominated by long working hours home and abroad, bad dietary choices and consequently being diagnosed with hypertension, the subsequent lack of energy, motivation and baseline health, he In 2013 stepped back into his gym taking on a commitment to OCR events and trail running. Peter commitment to his own training would soon see him reap the benefits physically and mentally, but his life ambitions changed significantly when in early 2015 Peter began his Gym Jones journey and was immediately bitten by the key Gym Jones philosophy that ‘The Mind Is Primary’. The transferability of a strong mind and body built in the gym along with functional based training he found fitted his changing lifestyle both at home and work. Completing the Fundamentals, Intermediate and the Advanced Seminars in Salt Lake City over a span of 16 months Peter was invited to spend 2 weeks at Gym Jones under the strong supervision and leadership of Bobby Maximus

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