Finishing high school in 2010 Ryan accepted an offer to study a dual bachelor of chemical engineering and Physics at Sydney University. Ryan excelled at his university studies but devoted his spare time to reading and self-educating in new methods to improve his strength and mobility. Ryan found little desire to continue in the field of engineering and after many conversations with his grandfather, a World War II veteran, world traveller and boxing champion that Ryan decided to leave engineering to move towards a career in health and fitness. In 2014 Ryan commenced a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport science at the University of Technology Sydney and began working at Chocolate Box Training, a local gym on Sydney’s northern beaches known for pushing the boundaries of health and fitness. It was here that Ryan was first introduced to Gym Jones and their unique philosophies. In February 2015 Ryan travelled to Gym Jones to attend the Level 1 fundamental seminar, it was at this seminar, immersed in the culture of Gym Jones that Ryan reached the realization that the body and mind must not work exclusive of one another but rather must be trained to work in tandem in order to produce the highest levels of fitness. This realization resonated so heavily with Ryan that within 12 months he had travelled four times from Sydney to Salt Lake City in order to complete all three levels of the certification at Gym Jones as well as his internship. The Gym Jones philosophy articulated a heavy focus on the need to implement standards for individuals to strive for based on their goals, standards that require commitment, effort and discomfort, less talk and more hard work and this is where Ryan focused himself. Using the methodologies learned at Gym Jones, Ryan set standards both for himself and others that would cause profound psychological stress where they questioned if they truly wanted the goals they had set for themselves, where they were unsure if they would be successful or not, and saw that those who worked hard and achieved these standards experienced powerful changes in their mindset both inside and outside the gym. Ryan feels that learning is a never ending process and continues to strive to educate himself as highly as possible in all realms of fitness in order to best motivate and teach those around him.

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