Shawn Kingrey wears many different hats. He is a husband, friend, instructor, team-mate, coach, artist, cyclist and fire fighter. Athletics have always been a major part of Shawn’s life. His activities have included wrestling, football, skateboarding, ice hockey and bouldering; however, if you ask him, he would say that he is “just a bike racer”. Shawn started off racing BMX as a kid then moved on to Downhill mountain bikes in college and later reinvented himself as a Road Racer. Shawn has learned from from many different people in a variety of sports: John Gill as his climbing mentor, Dave Feamster showed him the ropes in ice hockey, and Dan Pate Sr. taught him how to truly ride a road bike. Shawn has earned multiple certifications from diverse strength & conditioning organizations. He is very driven to deepen his knowledge base in nutrition, fitness, and recovery on both practical and theoretical levels. He uses this insight to improve his own athletic endeavors as well as enrich his clients’ expertise. Shawn made his way into Gym Jones into 2008. Shawn has since attended the Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advance seminars at Gym Jones where he enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Lisa Boshard and Bobby Maximus. He has also been an assistant at multiple Gym Jones seminars. Gym Jones has become Shawn’s sanctuary were he finds inspiration to keep improving and growing in all of life’s endeavors. Shawn came to realize that he enjoyed training other people. He has helped co-workers train for the Combat Challenge, became a peer fitness trainer, and aid in the development of a “Wellness Program” for the Fire Department. Shawn also trains clients out of his private facility in Pueblo, CO on a 1:1 basis. Even though Shawn’s specializes in training endurance athletes he enjoys training athletes for strength/power, general fitness, or sports specific goals. For those not located in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo area, remote programming is available.

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