Sometimes you choose Gym Jones and sometimes Gym Jones chooses you. For Bill MacGregor it was the latter. “From my very first moment at Gym Jones, it was evident that this culture of fitness based on maximizing human potential through the best available knowledge while supporting others is what I should be doing,” says Bill. \\n\\nThis philosophy of using advanced knowledge and physical prowess to help people is deeply rooted in Bill’s life. He is a highly trained firefighter working for the sixth largest city in Canada and volunteers as a track coach for high school students. As a former nationally ranked junior sprinter and hurdler, Bill understands the dedication and commitment required to achieve audacious goals: it is not just superior athletic skill, but it is the mental fortitude and willingness to sacrifice that separates the good from the great, the leaders from the followers, and the passionate from the ones merely doing a job. The Gym Jones philosophy came naturally to Bill. As a CrossFit coach, he was seeking the best system and people to improve his strength and conditioning knowledge. His discovery of Gym Jones set him upon a new path of personal and professional excellence.

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