After completing his law degree at the University of Cape Town, James practiced law for two years before he decided he couldn’t walk down the ‘respected profession’ path any longer. In February 2012 he started Roark Gyms in Cape Town, with the vision of giving men a place where they could not only get back to the essence of training, but also rediscover the wildness that burns deep in every man’s spirit. One year later, Roark Women was launched, with the idea of providing women with a place they could receive quality coaching in a secure environment, while dispelling the myths perpetuated in the women’s fitness industry. Both gyms have been a great success, and continue to attract the type of people who buy into Roark’s ethos, this being to achieve goals through the principles of commitment and hard work. James was fortunate enough to be invited to Gym Jones by Bobby Maximus in November 2012, where he spent three weeks that altered his life and business permanently. He drank the kool-aid, and it tasted good. Less than a year later he had completed all three levels of training at Gym Jones, and with an opened mind and altered spirit has brought this psychology and programming to his gyms back home. He describes his most valuable lesson learnt at Gym Jones as being the way in which a well-planned workout serves as a tangible reflection of a person’s character, as well as how that character can be positively shaped in the correct environment. The friendship and guidance he continues to receive from all at Gym Jones mean a great deal to him, and it is these principles that inspire him to make the same impact on those who choose to train at his facilities.

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