Nick was originally introduced to fitness after discovering a pre-BUD/S training program on the internet. The endless pushups, pull-ups, sit ups and running would lay the foundation for his future in strength and conditioning. His college years were spent playing golf at the University of Texas at El Paso and training at the UTEP Strength and Conditioning Center. In 2008, shortly after graduation, he was introduced to Crossfit and in 2010, he qualified for The Crossfit Games South Central Regionals as an individual. His programming was based strictly on the Gym Jones fundamentals and methodology. In 2013, Nick attended the Gym Jones Fundamental Seminar led by Bobby Maximus. He has since completed the Intermediate and Advanced Seminars, along with his Internship. Nick is one of the first Fully Certified Instructors in Texas along with his brother Adrian. Spending time at Gym Jones helped him set new standards both inside the gym and out. Since opening Black Flag Strength and Conditioning with his brothers Adrian and Roby, and colleague Christian Escalante, he has been dedicated to bringing that same standard and determination to El Paso. Private training, small group training and remote programming are available. Black Flag trains everyone from professional athletes to students to everyday people that are willing to suffer, willing to learn and willing to put forth the effort required to change.

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