Hendrik has been working as a personal trainer for 12 years in Johannesburg, South Africa.He started his Gym Jones certification in 2010 and worked through the seminar and internship process to become the second fully certified instructor in Africa in 2013. Hendrik has a varied sporting background and has competed in rugby, field hockey, squash and currently Muay Thai. Since starting to use the Gym Jones training principals and program progressions to assist in his conditioning he was able to earn a place as a South African representative for the Muay Thai team in 2012. More recently he has also started exploring trail running racing as an extra competitive conditioning tool. At present Hendrik practices out of a private facility in Johannesburg, South Africa and is in the process of opening up his own facility in the near future, which will provide a space that will allow like-minded athletes and people interested in genuinely bettering themselves to experience the full benefit of this training. Hendrik considers "the mind is primary" to be the most important principle that is taught at Gym Jones. With a training background in both rehabilitation and sport - specific training, this fundamental concept resonated with Hendrik, as it not only applies so directly to the success of any physical training that a person is involved in, but also to anything that is attempted in life. As a direct result of embracing this principle, as well as the high standard of training technique and programming progressions taught at Gym Jones, Hendrik has not only achieved a greater level of success with the clients and athletes he works with, but also in the goals he has reached with his own training too. With a relentless need to learn new information, experience the true nature of all training protocols, perfect the execution of training techniques and evolve to a higher level of physical and mental conditioning, Hendrik works tirelessly to uphold the teachings and the unquestionably high standards set by Lisa Boshard & Bobby Maximus, and teach all those with whom he works how to benefit from the training they experience and how to hopefully carry these lessons through to all aspects of their daily life.

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