Kathleen Stabler began her journey as an athlete nearly 30 years ago, seeking adventure and challenge on the trails and slopes of the mountain environment. Trail running has been her passion and a driving force in her life for many years. She is dedicated, in constant pursuit of personal growth and excellence. Not only has she completed many ultra endurance events in her years of running but she also enjoys rock climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and has a long history, including practice and instruction of, Hatha Yoga. In an attempt to share her love of athleticism and the outdoors, she began training athletes, offering group runs, running clinics, and bootcamp-style workouts in parks. That was the beginning of her evolution and full time training career. In 2008, Kathleen began training with Carolyn Parker. At that moment, "everything changed." For the first time she experienced the discipline of focused, outcome-based training. Around that same time, Kathleen discovered the Gym Jones website, and was immediately drawn to the Philosophy, and to the writings of Mark Twight. By the fall of 2009, Kathleen became the strength trainer for a NM based women's cycling team. Through her work with Carolyn, and her 2010 attendance of Gym Jones Fundamentals Seminar, with Bobby Maximus, she continued to gain knowledge in the realms of training: programming, strength and conditioning, and performance nutrition for all levels of athlete. Driven to share her passion more fully with the community, the next step for Kathleen was creating her own training business, No Limits Fitness Company, in 2011. She followed this up by completing her Intermediate Seminar, instructed by Bobby. Focused and inspired, she then returned to Gym Jones in June, 2013 to train with Bobby, and again in August for her Advanced Seminar. She completed her Internship in October, 2013. Kathleen is grateful to all her mentors and trainers, especially Carolyn, Bobby, & Lisa whose writings have reached out and challenged her to go way beyond the physical work at the gym, and into the inner realm where the real work is done, is a constant source of inspiration. Lisa Boshard has been a strong presence, providing motivation to do the hard work simply by her enduring belief that it can be accomplished. Kathleen is deeply honored to be a member of the Gym Jones family. Kathleen Stabler trains clients in a small private gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Athletes at all levels of development train in private, semi-private and small-group sessions. Programming is also provided for off-site clients. Outside of the gym, she develops and runs trail running training programs in the foothills and mountains in her backyard.

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