Lloyd is based in Basingstoke, England he specialises in personalised one to one coaching and programming to anyone wanting to take the next step with their training and mental toughness. After pursuing a career in rugby he made the natural crossover to coaching strength and conditioning gaining a variety of qualifications. In 2012 he made the trip to Gym jones and was immediately hooked “Gym Jones is about far more than training it’s breaking the self-imposed limitations that we often see that has the biggest impacts to our training and the way we conduct ourselves in our everyday life” Lloyd has continued to visit Gym jones but in February 2017 he was invited by “Bobby Maximus” to intern where he spent two weeks learning and building lifelong friendships. Lloyd currently runs Dynamic Total Fitness where he trains a variety of clients from top athletes to general population all with one thing in common they are all willing to work hard and make themselves physically and mentally tougher doing it the Gym jones way

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